Janus Stand / 2014

Janus Stand is a 2014 project completed as part of the Master of Architecture program at the University of Melbourne. Janus Stand has been designed as a hallway stand, a piece that facilitates the start and end of the day. The piece is made up of 2 contrasting timbers (Jarrah and Victorian Ash) and 2 contrasting sides (the left side being aesthetically more complex than the right). Given its purpose and characteristics, the piece has been given its name ‘Janus Stand’ – inspired by the 2-faced Roman god of beginnings and endings.

Janus Stand places emphasis on small details. It makes use of a variety of joints, all of which respect the design and its functions. The various joints include domino, biscuit, miter, miter with splines, and diagonal cross halving.


Jarrah, Victorian Ash, Danish oil finish
197 x 65 x 45 cms

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