Teach For Australia Animated Introduction / 2021

‘Teach For Australia Animated Introduction’ is a 15 second animation designed to use at the beginning of Teach For Australia (TFA) videos. The intention of the animated introduction was to give greater brand exposure to viewers. This project was an open brief, so it provided the opportunity to creatively develop a short storyline to represent my understanding of what TFA is about – a company that offers individuals the opportunity to take a leap and leave their mark across Australia. The style of illustration used, was developed to reflect one that is relatable to students, teachers and schools, which is a large proportion of TFA’s audience. The animated assets were drawn in Photoshop and animated using both Photoshop and After Effects. The splash of colour was created using cell animation in Photoshop, and other animated elements, including the animated assets, the walk and run cycle, etc. were animated in After Effects.

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